Baby Carrier

My must-have product for travelling with baby!


One the most important lessons that I’ve learnt about being an expat is that, you have to get used to traveling alone with your child. It can be extremely daunting at first but I’ve discovered that, if you have the right tools, you can master travel with baby pretty easily. And one of those tools is, the Mamas and Papas Classic baby carrier .

Baby T’s first trip abroad was when she was 5 months and since then we have done countless more trips. All of our flights except the first one, have been pretty smooth sailing and I think one the main reason for that is the Mamas and Papas Classic baby carrier . Our first flight was bad, I was a mess, baby T was crying and miserable, it was horrible.

On our return leg I was determined to do it differently, so I got myself a Mamas and Papas Classic baby carrier . Firstly it’s extremely lightweight, and fabric is soft and breathable. The carrier is very easy to use, once you set it up the first time, which can be done in store, all you have to do is lock 3 points. It’s so simple, I can put the carrier on while holding baby T and her nappy bag! How amazing is that!

I put Baby T in it as soon as I got to the airport, it made going through security and the scanners so much easier. Then I walked around with her for abit and the gentle bobbing motion put her to sleep. As I boarded the flight she slept which I think erased much of the anxiousness that she had experienced on the first flight. I gave her a dream feed and when she woke an hour later we were safely in the air, it was perfect. Since I was traveling alone and that she was only 5 months at the time I kept her in the carrier for the most of the flight. This allowed me to eat, recline, watch a movie and even go to the bathroom. And during turbulence, baby T was close, secure and comfortable which put both mummy and baby at ease. I was relieved and ever since then I’ve followed almost the same routine.

Traveling, especially flying has become so easy thanks to the Mamas and Papas Classic baby carrier  and that’s why it’s definitely a Fab Favourites!

So tell me, what’s your must-have product for travelling with baby?

Traveling with baby

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