Johnsons baby wash

Why does baby’s skin need JOHNSONS top-to-toe body wash?

Today I’m sharing the details of one of my and Thea’s favourite bathtime products, JOHNSONS® top-to-toe® body wash! It’s my favourite cause it works wonders for Thea’s skin and it’s her favourite cause it results in her bathtub being full of bubbles!

Baby skin vs. Adult skin
One of the skin’s main jobs is to keep the outside world out. A baby’s skin however acts more like a sieve, with a structure that allows more substances through than an adult’s. So unlike an adult, whose epidermis and dermis are tightly sealed together, a baby’s epidermis is easy to get past.
Baby’s skin is also 30% thinner than an adult’s skin. Thus making it more permeable so substances are absorbed more easily. As substances are absorbed quicker, it also loses moisture five times faster.
As a result of this, baby’s skin is proned to dryness!

JOHNSONS® top-to-toe® range
As baby’s skin is proned to dryness, it need specialised products that are developed to fight the dryness as well as protect baby’s soft, gentle skin. That’s why JOHNSONS® has introduced the top-to-toe® range to fight dryness and lock the moisture in!
There are four products in the range:
– top-to-toe® Baby wash
– top-to-toe® Extra Moisturising Baby Cream
– top-to-toe® Body massage lotion
– top-to-toe® Baby massage oil
Today I’m going to be focusing on the top-to-toe® Baby wash!
Johnsons Baby wash

My Experience
So when I was asked to do a review on the JOHNSONS® top-to-toe® body wash , I jumped at the opportunity as it was a product that I’m familiar with and I honestly do believe in.
I started using the JOHNSONS® top-to-toe® body wash on Thea from her very first bath! And 18 months later I’m still using it cause well ‘if it ain’t broke, why fix it’.
The JOHNSONS® top-to-toe® body wash packaging is clean and simple. The bottle has a pump for ease of use! The fragrance is slight but very pleasant! The wash lathes very quickly and is easily applied to baby’s skin. The JOHNSONS® top-to-toe® body wash is clinically proven to be as mild as water, so it’s safe to use on baby’s face including the eyes with no more tears. The wash absorbs quickly and rinses out quite easily. There’s a slight fragrance on baby’s skin afterwards but nothing to strong!

My Thoughts
The good
– I love the pump bottle, when you’re bathing a newborn, you can’t afford to have both hands off baby. That’s why the pump is brilliant as you can hold baby with one hand and dispense baby wash with the other hand!
– The fragrance is pleasant and it’s perfect for babies
– I love the fact that it doesn’t burn baby’s eyes
– It’s so mild and gentle so it doesn’t dry out baby’s skin
– And the best part is that it keeps baby’s skin clean,soft and moist
The bad
No bad
The ugly
Definitely no ugly

Is it a Fab Favourite?
Yes, most definitely! It’s my favourite cause it works wonders for baby’s skin and it’s Thea’s favourite cause it results in her bathtub being full of bubbles, so without a doubt it is Fab Favourite!

Would I recommend!
Yes! 18 months later and I’m still using it, so this one is a keeper!

JOHNSONS® top-to-toe® body wash fights dryness, while keeping Thea’s skin soft and clean. She loves it, I love it, so JOHNSONS® top-to-toe® is definitely a Our Fab Favourite!
ohsons Top to Toe Thea

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